Kids For Kids Concert

We are very proud of our amazing choir who performed at the Kids for Kids concert on Tuesday evening with Jackie Clarke. They gave it their all, and many people commented on how well behaved they were. We would like to thank Mrs Marsh, Mrs Todd and Cath Short for all their hard work in preparing the children for this event. Two of our pupils Jennifer Marsh and Sade Le Masurier were chosen to sing solos – the girls were outstanding. They are to be congratulated for singing so well in front of such a large audience. Kaitlyn Marsh was chosen to join a small ukulele group that accompanied a NZ Medley and Holly Denston Swift was chosen to join the mod squad who lead the audience in the dance finale.It was a fabulous evening.

Kids for Kids 3Kids for Kids 2

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  1. Great to see the old school is doing so well, Abbotsford is a wonderful area, real genuine people. Best school I was ever associated with. Keep up the good work in these turbulent days.

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