Our Board of Trustees

Back Row – Jamie Munro, Marlene Turner (Staff Representative), Nicole Moore, Ros Ayson

Front Row – Aaron Collins (Presiding Member) Stephanie Madden (Principal) Cameron Third


Contact Emails


Aaron Collins (Presiding Member)   acollins@abbotsford.school.nz

Stephanie Madden (Principal)   smadden@abbotsford.school.nz

Ros Ayson (Parent Representative)  rayson@abbotsford.school.nz

Nicole Moore (Parent Representative)  nmoore@abbotsford.school.nz

Jamie Munro (Parent Representative)  jmunro@abbotsford.school.nz

Cameron Third (Parent Representative)  cthird@abbotsford.school.nz

Marlene Turner (Staff Representative)  mturner@abbotsford.school.nz



Key School Documents


Click Here for: Abbotsford School Charter – 2023

Click Here for: Signed Financials and Audit Report