Our Board of Trustees

Back Row – Jamie Munro, Marlene Turner (Staff Representative), Nicole Moore, Ros Ayson

Front Row – Aaron Collins (Presiding Member) Stephanie Madden (Principal) Cameron Third


Contact Emails


Aaron Collins (Presiding Member)   acollins@abbotsford.school.nz

Stephanie Madden (Principal)   smadden@abbotsford.school.nz

Ros Ayson (Parent Representative)  rayson@abbotsford.school.nz

Nicole Moore (Parent Representative)  nmoore@abbotsford.school.nz

Jamie Munro (Parent Representative)  jmunro@abbotsford.school.nz

Cameron Third (Parent Representative)  cthird@abbotsford.school.nz

Marlene Turner (Staff Representative)  mturner@abbotsford.school.nz



Key School Documents


Click Here for: Abbotsford School Strategic Plan 2024-2025


Click Here for: Signed Financials & Audit Report


Our Operational Policies


D1. Responsibilities of the Principal Policy

D2. Curriculum Delivery Policy

D3. Personnel Policy

D3.1 Appointments Policy

D4.2 Financial Planning and Condition Policy

D4.3 Asset Protection Policy

D5 Protection and Sharing of Intellectual Property (Creative Commons) Policy

D6 Health and Safety Policy

D7 Child Protection Policy

D8 Managing Challenging Behaviour and Physical Restraint Policy

D9 Concerns and Complaints Policy

C4 Concerns and Complaints process