About Us


Abbotsford Full Primary School caters for children from 5-13 years of age. It is a co-educational school with approximately 300 pupils in the semi- rural  suburb of Abbotsford, Dunedin. The school was established in 1953 and has provided quality education for the children in the local area since that time. We are a decile 8 school with 15 teaching and 8 support staff. The school is organised into 4 Teaching Teams; New Entrants-Year 1, Year 2-3, Years 4-6 and   Years 7-8.  We offer a wide range of innovative programmes to ensure that all children are well supported in their learning.

Our buildings are set amongst 2.5 hectares of landscaped grounds and playing fields, with an extensive playground. We have 11 classrooms, a library, learning support rooms,  and administration area. Within the grounds there is community hall and  a heated swimming pool which are used by our local community.