Our Curriculum

Blog 002We are committed to providing a safe, happy and secure learning environment.

The school values of Respect and Responsibility are actively modeled and guide us in everything we do.

Along with positive attitudes and values, we encourage each child to develop thinking strategies, questioning skills and an understanding of their learning. It is our aim that Abbotsford pupils are independent, creative and motivated learners.

Our major focus is the development of quality teaching and learning programmes in Literacy and Numeracy. Helping children to develop the ability to speak, read and write independently and with confidence is a priority for our teaching staff. In mathematics programmes children are supported to develop their number knowledge and strategies in a fun, hands-on learning environment.

We use an Inquiry approach in the teaching of Health, Science, Social Science, and Technology. This approach encourages students to participate in active investigation and to integrate knowledge as they develop deep understandings.

Children enjoy experiences in Art, Music, Dance, and Drama. These areas together with regular Physical Education, Sport and Outdoor Education opportunities ensure a well-rounded education.